Total Control Soup Maker Review

Total Control Soup Maker Review

Hi to everyone, 

Welcome to my review or comment on the Total Control Soup Maker, which I believe to be the most affordable and best in terms of quality on the market. If you've never visited my site, you should know that I am a family person who believes that every home or every family should have any device at home that improves the overall life of the family, so I am delighted to present the best devices on the market so that families can benefit from them.

Returning to this fantastic soup maker, it is a tool that I believe helps families in two major ways:

  1. Saving time is important since, as we all know, it takes a lot of time to prepare food in the kitchen, particularly soups or vegetables, which require chopping, cooking, and caring for. So, with this device, a soup maker, you simply add all of your vegetables without cutting them very neatly, then you sit down and he takes care of the rest; it's the height of convenience. 
  2. Since most youngsters dislike vegetables, there is a general nutritional shortage that impacts their life. This is due to the fact that the food's nutrients are lacking in general. The use of this soup maker, however, has shown that the nutrients of the food will benefit the entire family, including the little ones.

I had previously used a similar device that was cheaper and of lower quality when it came to hygiene and usage, and it appears that this device is more advanced; it was incredibly helpful for me and my family. 

When I looked people who had used this tool soup maker, they all agreed on the following: 

positive aspects: 

  • He is competent and dependable. 
  • Simple to clean Furthermore, the pan can be removed and cleaned separately. 
  • He will make the soup in four equal parts for you. 

negative aspects: 

  • Ice cannot be used to grind fruit, but some people believe it can be used if the ice is not too big. 
  • The price is a little high, but some people think it's reasonable.

My advice is: The Complete Control Soup Maker is tough to beat if you're seeking for the best soup maker on the market.

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What is in the box, first? Check it out together.

The device we're discussing has a nice appearance, as shown in the image, and the only colour that is now available is white. It is incredibly attractive, and it also comes with a power cable. At 400ml each person, it has a 1.6L volume, which is sufficient for four people.

Total control soup maker

There are nine other functions as well: Smooth, Medium, Chunky, Manual, Saute, Drinks, Reheat, Blend, and Pre-clean.

  • The Smooth Soup programme is ideal for delicious soup recipes that call for a smooth consistency. It ensures that the ingredients are blended to the desired consistency and delicately cooked at the appropriate temperature. (The programme takes 21 minutes for four portions, and your soup is ready to consume and genuinely love!)
  • The Medium Soup programme is ideal for tasty soup recipes that call for a medium consistency. It takes 25 minutes to complete for 4 pieces, after which your soup is ready to be enjoyed and tasted!
  • The Chunky Soup programme is ideal for rustic soup recipes that call for a chunkier texture. The programme allows the ingredients to be heated for a longer period of time, ensuring that the chunky ingredients are thoroughly cooked. The programme is 28 minutes long and is divided into four parts. There is no blending required for chunky soup; simply heat it. As a result, it is advised to cut any vegetables into small dice-sized pieces. If your soup is too chunky after cooking, use the Blend function to get the consistency you want. Check by holding down the Start/Stop Button for 5 seconds.
  • The Complete Control Soup Maker's Drinks option is perfect for blending together fresh ingredients for milkshakes or smoothies. Your drink won't be served until 2 minutes into the programme. In warmer weather, the Drinks setting is ideal for cold beverages because it doesn't heat the components.

Those are the four most important programmes to be aware of; the rest can be found in his description when you purchase.

Morphy Richards Total Control Soup Maker 501020 White Soupmaker



It also has a unique pan removal feature, unlike other sauce makers, and a very simple cleaning programme, as shown in the image above.

Total control soup maker

He also instructs the device to prepare or measure the soup for you, dividing it into four equal parts and serving it to four people at a time.

As I have mentioned, this device is intended for 300–400ml per person.


In reality, everyone needs a device like this in today's world because it simplifies the process and eliminates labor-intensive tasks like cooking. In addition, there are many foods available today that are referred to as "junk food" despite their poor quality and availability of consumption.

Anyway, don't just take my word for it; instead, click on the image below to check the thousands of customer reviews on Amazon.



Thank you so much for your time reading this review, and I look forward to helping you again in the future.

Stay Healthy.